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At Sunrise Acquisitions Group, we help take your small business to the next level. Our team has completed over 50 combined acquisitions and are looking to expand.

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We are an ideal partner for owners interested in liquidity or generational transitions. We focus on acquiring stable, profitable small to medium sized businesses that meet our investment criteria. Unfortunately, over 90% of all businesses listed for sale in the US do not sell. Our shared objective is to complete every transaction at the fairest price and do it in the shortest timeframe possible.

Investment Criteria:

1) Annual Revenues - $1M - $10M

2) Location - United States

3) Sectors - Technology Managed Services Providers, Property Management Companies and Landscaping Companies. Other Acquisitions on case by case basis.

4) Longevity - Minimum 5 years in business. 10+ years in business preferred.

Frequently Asked Question's

1. Is Sunrise Acquisitions Group, LLC a buyer or an intermediary? Sunrise Acquisitions Group, LLC is not a broker. Sunrise Acquisitions Group, LLC is a principal buyer. We buy companies using our lender network. We use debt to finance acquisitions.

2. How long does Sunrise Acquisitions Group, LLC hold its investments? Sunrise Acquisitions Group, LLC is a long term investor. We do not 'flip' investments or seek to generate returns through short term financial tactics.

3. How long will it take to sell my company? In general, we seek to fund and close transactions about 30 to 90 days after we enter a letter of intent.

4. What changes will Sunrise Acquisitions Group, LLC make to my company? Sunrise Acquisitions Group, LLC will not run the company, the management team will. Sunrise Acquisitions Group, LLC will partner with the management team to determine any changes required to improve performance.

5. Does Sunrise Acquisitions Group, LLC provide any guarantee for seller finance deals? No, if Sunrise Acquisitions Group, LLC (buyer) stops making payments at any time, we will return company shares immediately. The seller will always have the option to buy back shares at any point.

6. Is there any collateral? Yes, the down payment commitment letter from the lender. We maintain a large rolodex of lenders we partner with to complete acquisitions. Note: commitment letters are only issued if the borrower and company meet underwriting requirements. A commitment letter is a document that lets everyone in the transaction know that the lender is prepared to make a loan to repay the borrower.

7. What's a business promissory note? In some cases, we'll sign a promissory note (a promise to repay the loan).

8. How does Sunrise Acquisitions Group, LLC add value? Depending on the needs of the company. At times, we are the outsourced CFO, the business development team or the strategic consultant. At all times, we are interested and active board members. We believe that our collective experience allows us to offer sound and prudent advice and guidance that, over time, adds value to each company.

Our Team

Mr. Amieva is a highly skilled investment banking professional having founded, acquired and exited several companies. Sebastian lives in between Argentina & London and travels regularly for business and leisure.

Sebastian Amieva

Mr. Norris has successfully acquired, rolled up, optimized and scaled 12 companies through acquisition resulting in over a billion dollars in equity value for consolidated and fully synergized companies.

Jeff Norris, MBA MCSE

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